People have been traveling from far and wide to Bells Milk Bar for ‘out of this world’ malted milks and soda spiders for generations.  Once upon a time, many old milk bars and cafes in Australia made the bases for all their drinks by hand.  At Bells, all our authentic syrups are still handmade to Les Bell’s Famous Secret Recipe here on the premises in Patton Street – just like they have since 1892 when the shop was founded by Fredrick Fenton as a confectioner and cordial maker.  The result is worth bottling…

Use Bells Cordials for:

  • Sodas (mix with soda water)
  • Spiders (add a scoop of ice cream)
  • Spice up a cocktail or other alcoholic drink
  • As a cooking ingredient
  • Click here for recipes

Use Bells Syrups for:

  • Milkshakes (add plenty of ice cream)
  • As a dessert topping
  • As a cooking ingredient
  • Coffee flavouring
  • In your favourite milk-based cocktails
  • The sky’s the limit – can you think of anything else?