Mix one part Bells Syrup with ice cream and roughly seven parts milk.

Add drinking chocolate for chocoholics, and malt if you like an old fashioned milkshake. (about 3 – 4 teaspoons for a large milkshake) Note: Bells Chocolate and Jaffa Syrups need Chocolate powder to make the Bells flavour.

Whiz up (leaving some unmixed ice cream to eat at the end), and top with a sprinkle of Nutmeg for the authentic Bells taste.

Milkshake Tip #1

For optimal whizzing, use milk that has been opened about 2 days earlier.

Milkshake Tip #2

Try Bells Syrup over Ice Cream, waffles, or pancakes for a great quick dessert.

Milkshake Tip #3

Bells Syrups also work wonders with your favourite cup of coffee or as an ingredient in your cooking.