There’s no such thing as a silly question.

Hi there!  Thanks for your interest in Bells. Below are a few answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive here at Bells.  They are mainly related to the Syrups & Cordials and the history of the shop.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please drop us a line anytime and we will do our best to answer your question for you. (Click here to submit your question).

How do I make a Milkshake or Spider?

The instructions for how to make a Bells Milkshake can be found here. How to make  Spider click here.

How much Syrup or Cordial do I need for each Milkshake or Spider?

This depends on your tastes.  Generally it is about 1 part cordial to 4 parts soda water for Spiders, and one part syrup to 7-8 parts milk for Milkshakes. The instructions for how to make the drinks can be found here for Spiders and here for Milkshakes.

How long will it take to receive my Bells Syrups after ordering?

Allow up to two weeks. We usually keep most flavours and sizes in stock. If this is the case you can expect your syrups to arrive in around one week.  However, as we make all our syrups by hand in small batches, sometimes we will need to make yours to order, so we would say to allow up to two weeks for delivery from the time of order. For urgent requests, please contact the store directly on (08) 8087 5380 to discuss express delivery options.

Can I use the Bells Syrups or Cordials for other purposes than milkshakes or spiders?

You sure can! The cordials can be added to water, soda water or even your favourite alcoholic beverage, and the syrups make great dessert topping, or cooking ingredients. 

Why do your syrups cost more than other products?

At Bells we make all our syrups by hand in 2-gallon (10litre) batches using premium ingredients (just like we have for over 100 years). Together there are over 27 individual syrups and cordial flavours that combine to make a virtually unlimited number of drinks bases.  Many of these flavours are not available elsewhere because it is not economically viable for big companies to make them in large batches. The ones that are available would not be of the same quality as Bells Syrups and Cordials. More info about the Syrups can be found here. For the History of Bells, click here.

Do you sell your syrups wholesale to cafes and milk bars?

Yes, we do offer a wholesale price and sizes for cafes and milk bars.  Contact us on (08) 80875380 to find out how you can use Bells Syrups in your shop.

Can I buy your Syrups or Cordials near me?

Bells currently has no distributors for our syrups and everything is sold either in-store or mail order.  If you are interested in distributing our syrups, get in touch… (contact us page click here)

Where is Bells Milk Bar (and how do I get there)?

Bells is located at 160 Patton Street, Patton Village, Broken Hill (Outback NSW Australia).  For directions to Bells click here.

How long has Bells been operating?

Bells has been operating since the shop’s beginning’s as a cordial maker and confectioner called Fenton’s way back in 1892!  You can find out about the history of Bells here